Tổng hợp đề thi thử tiếng Anh- đề mới số 22- ôn thi công chức thuế

Tổng hợp đề thi thử tiếng Anh- đề mới số 22- ôn thi công chức thuê


Đề 1

Phần 1: Trắc nghiệm
1. On his way home, John usually…………at the post office.
A. stops   B. stop    C. to stop    D. stopped
2. Uncle Tom can’t see…………without his glasses.
A. badly   B. good    C. clear    D. well
3. Mary and…………would like to join the English speaking club.
A. me    B. my     C. mine    D. I
4. They were seeking an ultimate solution …………the city’s traffic problem.
A. to    B. on     C. of     D. in
5. The Prime Minister…………to Paris several times.
A. is    B. has been    C. were    D. was
6. Mr. Goldsmith…………in his office when the thieves threw a stone through the window.
A. worked   B. works    C. was working   D. has worked
7. Maria Roberts left her home in Leeds last week and nobody…………her since.
A. see    B. has seen    C. saw    D. have seen
8. I’m studying for my examinations. They will be held…………October.
A. on    B. from    C. at     D. in
9. The fire…………out when they were having dinner.
A. breaks   B. was breaking   C. broke    D. has broken
10. It was not a good football match. It was not…………
A. exciting   B. excited    C. bored    D. boring
11. This subject, …………we are going to discuss, is very important.
A. who   B. which    C. that     D. Both B and C
12. This is the most interesting story…………
A. I’ve read   B. I had read   C. I’ve ever read   D. I’ve never read
13. Would you mind…………the phone number? I didn’t here probably.
A. to repeat   B. repeat    C. repeating    D. for repeating
14. I need some…………before I can let you cash this cheque.
A. temperature  B. accommodation   C. questionnaire   D. identification
15. The ship was…………around the Mediterranean Sea.
A. running   B. going    C. sailing    D. flying
16. These vegetable don’t taste…………to me.
A. deliciously  B. well    C. fresh    D. freshly
17. My brother is very…………of music.
A. like   B. fond    C. interested   D. enjoyed
18. Mary is glad she …………her plane. She’s just heard that it’s s been hijacked.
A. lost    B. missed   C. refused     D. altered
19. Would you please…………him speak about a new plan.
A. let    B. allow    C. ask    D. tell
20. If I got a scholarship to Australia, my family…………very proud of me.
A. will be   B. is     C. are    D. would be
21. The coffee was too hot for her to drink.
A. The coffee was so hot that she could drink it.
B. The coffee was so hot for her to drink it.
C. The coffee was so hot that she couldn’t drink.
D. The coffee was so hot that she couldn’t drink it
22. This is the first time I have lived in a city with a high crime rate.
A. I am not used to living in a city with a high crime rate.
B. I am very afraid of living in a city with a high crime rate.
C Living in a city with a high crime rate is dangerous.
D. I don’t like to live in such a high crime rate.
23. John said, ‘‘You’d better not lend them any money, Daisy.”
A. John said Daisy not to lend them any money.
B. John said to Daisy not lend them any money.
C. John advised Daisy should not to lend them any money.
D. John advised Daisy not to lend them any money.
24. He was……………all his money
A. stolen                          B. removed                      C. robbed                          D. taken
25. I……………him to arrive in a fortnight.
A. expect                          B. hope                     C. wait                             D. suspect
26. There’s a good film…………town.
A. at    B. over   C. on in   D. in on
27. The Bristish feared invasion. They were……………it
A. infavour of                  B. happy at                     C. afraid of                       D. ready for
28. The package containing books and records…………last week.
A. is delivered  B. are delivered  C. was delivered  D. were delivered
29. A plane cannot get into the air without some kind of……………
 A. strength                       B. force          C. power             D.weight
30. The man who designs a house is the……………
A. engineer   B. painter   C. architect   D. contractor

Phát âm: Tìm từ phát âm khác với các từ còn lại.
31. A. gulf    B. surface   C. submarine   D. undersea
32. A. vital    B. finally    C. hide    D. winner
33. A. sanded   B. waited    C. walked    D. needed
34. A. proved   B. trained    C. impressed   D. performed
35. A. host    B. honest    C. hold    D. home
Tìm từ có vần nhấn khác với các từ còn lại.
36. A. butterfly   B. orphanage   C. national    D. establish
37. A. tropical   B. expensive   C. release    D. survival
38. A. music   B. relax    C. serious    D. tropical
39. A. express   B. emotion    C. violin    D. prefer
40. A. communicate  B. composer   C. English    D. include

Tìm lỗi sai:
41. Stars in our universe vary in temperature, color, bright, size, and mass.
        A          B                  C            D
42. The public ceremonies of the Plains Indians are lesser elaborate than those of Navajo
                 A                    B                         C  
in the Southwest.
43. I wanted to know if she saw Paul recently.
    A                  B         C               D
44. Has the film already started when you got to the theater?
        A                            B               C              D
45. Although the difficulty I encountered, I managed to pass the examination.
           A                                        B                     C                   D

Phần 2: Điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống.

       The village of Jukkasjarvi is in Swedish Lapland, and winter temperatures there can reach – 400C. But 6,000 holiday makers (1)__________ go there usually, to visit what is probably Europe’s most unusual accommodation.
       In this hotel you eat, drink, and sleep in rooms made (2)__________ ice. If you want, you can (3)__________ get married in one. The bar is ice too, and putting hot drinks on it is obviously not (4)__________. The bedrooms are around -40C, but fortunately guests are (5)__________ with special sleeps bags that will keep (6)__________ warm in the coldest temperatures. (7)__________ outdoor clothes can be supplied too, if  needed.
The hotel is never more than six months old (8)__________ it melts in summer, and (9)__________ winter it is rebuilt. Creating the hotel (10)__________ 10,000 tons of  ice, plus 30,000 tons of snow.
1. A. therefore  B. ever   C. also   D. still
2. A. by   B. of    C. within   D. for
3. A. even   B. however    C. already   D. yet
4. A. supported  B. recognised  C. recommended  D. agreed
5. A. given   B. offered    C. provided    D. delivered
6. A. these   B. those   C. they   D. them
7. A. Suitable  B. Convenient  C. Acceptable  D. Satisfactory
8. A. although  B. because   C. so    D. while
9. A. other   B. any   C. each   D. another
10. A. brings  B. puts   C. fetches   D. takes

Phần 3:

 I arrived in London at last. The railway station was big, black and dark. I did not know the way to my hotel, so asked a porter. I not only spoke English very carefully, but very clearly as well. The porter, however, could not understand me. I repeated my questions several times and at last he understood. He answered me, but he spoke neither slowly nor clearly: “I am a foreigner”, I said. Then he spoke slowly, but I could not understand him. My teacher never spoke English like that! The porter and I looked at each other and smiled. Then he said something and I understood it. “You’ll soon learn English” he said. I wonder in England, each man speaks a different language. The English understand each other, but I don’t understand them! Do you speak English?
1. The writer asked the porter………………..
A. how to speak English    B. where the railway station was
C. the direction to the hotel   D. if he could speak English
2. The porter couldn’t understand the writer because:
A. the writer didn’t speak English very carefully
B. the writer repeated the questions several times
C. the porter didn’t know English
D. the writer’s English was unusual
3. The writer’s teacher of English:
A. spoke English differently from English people
B. never spoke English in class
C. didn’t speak English slowly
D. didn’t work as a porter
4. In England:
A. people understand one another without speaking English
B. people speak English, which is not like the one the writer studied at school
C. people don’t speak English at all
D. each person speaks a different language
5. Which of the following statements is not true?
A. the writer expected every one in England to speak like his teacher
B. at last the writer understood what the porter said
C. the porter didn’t feel angry with the writer
D. the porter always spoke English slowly and clearly

ĐỀ 2

Phần 1: Trắc nghiệm

1. Tea…………to Japan from China in 1911.
A. took   B. is taken    C. has taken  D. was taken
2. Fish don’t…………noise as other pets do.
A. sound    B. make    C. go out    D. give
3. The church tower………… The work is almost finished.
A. is restoring  B. is being restored C. was restored  D. has been restoring
4. He won’t tell us his reasons…………not helping them with it.
A. why   B. with    C. for     D. at
5. If you didn’t do your job right, …………
A. you would be firing     B. you would be promoted
C. you would have fired      D. you would be fired
6. I promptly went to sleep again.
A. early   B. soon      C. immediately    D. after a while
7. A lot of rice…………in South-East Asia today.
A. grow   B. grew    C. is grown    D. growing
8. There are many…………for new immigrants in Australia.
A. offices   B. toilets      C. uniforms     D. hostels
9. I haven’t received the letter yet. It might…………to the wrong address.
A. send   B. have sent    C. be sending   D. have been sent
10. The strike began last weekend after a worker had been sacked.
A. employed  B. dismissed      C. separated     D. injured
11. I can’t help you, and he can’t help you…………
A. neither   B. too     C. also    D. either
12. Hardly…………believes that.
A. somebody  B. anybody    C. everybody   D. all
13. I have typed ten letters…………
A. yesterday   B. today    C. tomorrow   D. everyday
14. I have…………wheel in the back of the car.
A. other   B. others    C. the other    D. another
15. Of all the countries I visited, I like Canada…………
A. much   B. best    C. the best of all   D. so much
16. “Would you like to go to the cinema?” – “No, thank you. I’d …………stay home.”
A. better   B. like    C. prefer    D. rather
17. You needn’t do that when the maid is here, …………?
A. do you   B. need you    C. is she    D. isn’t she
18. His wife doesn’t weigh so…………as he…………
A. heavy / is   B. much / is     C. much / does    D. heavy / does
19. Do you believe that ghosts…………?
A. exist   B. are existed    C. are existing  D. are being existed
20. “How many pages ………… so far?” – “Ten”
A. do you study  B. did you study            C. have you studied D. had you study
21. The man whose work is to amuse people who attend a show is a (n)………….
A. actor   B. entertainer  C. performer  D. usher
22. She’s just bought a pair of silk tights.
A. pantyhose            B. trousers   C. gloves   D. socks
23. Some diseases………….… quickly from one person to another.
A. move                           B. catch    C. spread    D. get about
24. He went to factory ………….. check the progress of work
A. for the purpose            B. by reason of   C. so far as    D. in order to
25. Why are you looking ………….. me? she asked.
A. one                              B. over    C. at                                  D. to
26. He likes to go for a holiday ………….. his wife.
A. without                        B. less                            C. except    D. unless
 27. I’m looking forward to your ………….. party.
 A. birthday’s                   B. birthday                       C. birthdays’  D. birthdays
28. We’re going on a picnic …………tomorrow.
 A. the day after               B. the next after                C. next day after  D. after
29. He was not very pleased about …………… called an incompetent idiot.
 A. had been                        B. was                                 C. to be   D. being
30. I am scared of living on my own in a big city.
A. tired   B. bored    C. frightened  D. fond

Phát âm: Tìm từ phát âm khác với các từ còn lại.
31. A. although  B. think    C. mouth    D. thought
32. A. polite   B. remind    C. while    D. kid
33. A. books   B. roofs    C. rooms   D. helps
34. A. sugar    B. see    C. same    D. season
35. A. cave    B. way   C. rain    D. hand

Tìm từ có vần nhấn khác với các từ còn lại.
36. A. country  B. library    C. newspaper   D. surrender
37. A. disability   B. development   C. location    D. agree
38. A. wonderful   B. valuable    C. machine    D. husband
39. A. impolite   B. consider    C. combination   D. information
40. A. pagoda  B. carefully   C. settler   D. traffic

Tìm lỗi sai:
41. The reporter asked me what kind of umbrella did I want to buy then.
       A                                        B                                 C                     D
42. On September 7, 1878, Delawware became a first to ratify the Constitution.
       A                                                           B     C             D
43. Economists will be closely watch fluctuations of the price of gold.
             A                          B        C                              D
44. Your contribution for the BBC will help our party rebuild our organization at the grassroots level.                            A                                                     B                                C             D                                                                                                                              
45. The relationship among the twins is different from that among the other children.
                                    A                                          B               C              D

Phần 2: Điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống.

You really have to get very old before you realize you’re old. I’m in my middle fifties and I don’t feel old yet. However, sometimes I look back at my childhood and (1)________things to the way life is for (2)________kids. Some things have certainly changed.
One area of change is television. Some changes have been improvements. Some changes, on the other hand, have been (3)________.
When I started school, most people didn’t have a television; TV was just beginning to get (4)________. My father decided to go all out and buy a 16 inch black and white Motorola set. I still remember watching the Lone Ranger save people from the (5)________guys on that awesome electronic machine. That was exciting!
Now, (6)________have larger pictures in full color. The pictures are clearer and the sound is much more realistic. The new high definition sets are made to rival (7) ________screens.
The variety and quantity of programming has (8)________greatly. There are hundreds of channels and more shows than one person could ever watch. There are many fine entertainment and educational (9)________. There’s also a lot of garbage, stuff that most parents don’t want their kids exposed to. Overall, we have more choices, and that is good.
I wonder what (10)________will be like when today’s kids are my age.
1. A. forget    B. remember   C. compare    D. miss
2. A. today’s   B. yesterday’s   C. tomorrow’s   D. poor
3. A. great    B. huge    C. setbacks    D. remarkable
4. A. gone    B. replaced    C. expensive   D. popular
5. A. old    B. good    C. bad    D. best
6. A. films    B. movies    C. billboards   D. televisions
7. A. movie    B. video    C. watch    D. telephone
8. A. loss    B. increased   C. decreased   D. played
9. A. books    B. shows    C. authors    D. awards
10. A. movies   B. food    C. cars    D. television
Phần 3:
When I injured my back I had to take a break from my running career. I decided to give them the confidence to get out and run.
I decided to start a running club for women in my area because I was annoyed by the attitude of many race organizers. They complain about the lack of women in the sport but also use this as an excuse for not providing separate changing facilities.
I put up posters 40 women, young and old, fit and unfit, joined. All of them were attracted by the idea of losing weight but I don’t think they had really thought about running before. When or if they did, they had a picture of painful training. They didn’t think of chatting and smiling while running in beautiful places, like by a river.
At first they ran for only a minute – now they can run for thirty minutes. They have also learned from other runners about diet and keeping fit in general.
I wanted to do something for women’s running and I have had so much pleasure watching their progress – almost as much as they have had themselves.
1. What is the writer’s main aim in writing the text?
A. to describe good running methods.
B. to complain about race organizers.
C. to talk about women runners.
D. to describe her own running career.
2. What would a reader find out from the text?
A. the teaching skills of the writer.
B. the best kinds of places for running.
C. how runners can avoid injuring themselves.
D. the progress made by the women in the club.
3. What is the writer’s opinion of runners she trained?
A. They were too serious.
B. They were difficult to train.
C. They needed encouraging
D. They couldn’t develop their skills.
4. Why did the women join the running club?
A. to help them lose weight.
B. to meet other people.
C.to have a good time.
D. to become top runners.
5. Which of the following would be the best title for the club poster?
A. Athletics competitions: how to win.
B. Keep fit by training hard.
C. Discover the pleasure of running.
D. Riverside Running Club for Women.

ĐỀ 3

Phần 1: Trắc nghiệm
1. …………, he quickly tried to hide.
A. Saw her on the other side of the road  B. Seeing her on the other side of the road
C. He saw her on the other side of the road  D. He had seen her on the other side of the road
2. Mr. Brown…………his children to school every day.
A. carries   B. brings    C. takes     D. picks
3. It was nice…………you to help us.
A. of    B. to     C. about    D. from
4. The ………… boy could see the ………….. red light of the ambulance.
A. injured/ flashed  B. injured/ flashing  C. injuring/ flashing  D. injuring/ flashed
5. When you came to his house, he…………there for at least three days.
A. will left   B. has left     C. had left     D. leaves
6. Emily was the first person he met…………in that town.
A. on arriving  B. by arriving  C. when to arrive   D. when he arrives
7. His telephone doesn’t work and mine doesn’t……………..
A. too    B. neither   C. so     D. either
8. This gave him a chance to get used to…………the controls.
A. handling   B. organize    C. manage    D. deal with
9. My grandmother is ..…………today, but she felt even ………………….yesterday.
A. good/the best  B. well/better  C. good/better   D. well/the best
10. Not only…………the first prize, but she was also offered a promotion.
A. Pauline won  B. Pauline had won  C. won Pauline   D. did Pauline win
11. A plan was put forward by William. He……………it
A. suggested                    B. aimed at               C. intended                        D. planned
12. Yen is the…………of Japan.
A. currency   B. money    C. exchange   D. coin
13. Don’t worry about us. We can look after…………
A. each other  B. ourselves    C. one another    D. all are correct
14. It’s raining hard.
A. a little   B. for a long time  C. heavily    D. all the time
15. It is raining now. It began raining two hours ago. It…………for two hours.
A. has rained  B. is raining   C. has been raining D. had rained
16. …………the alarm go off, please leave the building at once!
A. If    B. When    C. As    D. Should
17. Only…………to enter for the final round.
A. two candidates were chosen     B. were two candidates chosen
C. they were chosen two candidates    D. were chosen two candidates

18. The crew were panicked and abandoned the ship.
A. got badly frightened B. ran away   C. went crazy  D. escaped
19. If she put enough coffee in the pot, it…………so weak.
A. would have tasted B. wouldn’t taste  C. wouldn’t have taste D. won’t taste
20. It’s important that every student …………attentive in class.
A. is    B. are     C. be     D. were
21. The people in the theatre are the………….
A. audience   B. observers   C. lookers   D. watchers
22. He’s just arrived to find his wife in tears.
A. embarrassed  B. crying   C. panicking   D. confused
23. One of my friends advised me …………to an American dinner without bringing anything.
A. not go   B. not to going  C. not to go   D. not going
24. Increasing deforestation accounts …………the severe soil erosion.
A. of    B. in    C. on    D. for
25. Mark Twain‘s adventures provided him …………materials for many of his writings.
A. along   B. with   C. of    D. through
26. People in the Artic are used to …………around by sledge.
A. travel   B. be traveled  C. traveling   D. be traveling
27. By the time human beings cooperatively take actions to protect the ozone layer, it
…………seriously damaged.
A. will be   B. is    C. has been   D. will have been
28. Japanese people are said …………a very sophisticated table manner.
A. to have   B. have   C. having   D. to be having
29. October 31st is Halloween‘s Day ………… people dress as ghosts, witches, etc.
A. which   B. when   C. where   D. what
30. It takes a great deal of time ………… used to a new culture
A. getting   B. got    C. to get   D. get
Phát âm: Tìm từ phát âm khác với các từ còn lại.
31. A. kill   B. field   C. meet   D. treatment
32. A. deserve   B. busy   C. because    D. save
33. A. buffalo  B. hut    C. shut   D. put
34. A. tour   B. your   C. pour   D. source
35. A. country  B. county   C. bound    D. south
Tìm từ có vần nhấn khác với các từ còn lại.
36. A. compare  B. interest   C. active   D. healthy
37. A. geography  B. understand  C. activity   D. economy                  
38. A. experience  B. familiar   C. different   D. assignment
39. A. solidarity  B. satisfaction  C. effectively  D. interaction
40. A. depression  B. opinion   C. athletic   D. animal
Tìm lỗi sai:
41. It is estimated that there are now over 700 millions motor vehicles in the
 A        B
world, and the number is increasing by more than 40 million each year.
    C     D
42. Children need special careful and attention from their parents so that they
                                               A                             B                            C
will grow up to become good citizens.
43. In the future, there will be thousands of endanged animals that will be disappeared.
            A                                                    B       C                                              D
44. I asked him to never arrive late, but he paid no attention to it.
                                A                         B            C                    D
45. Yesterday I was received a lot of complete works of Tolstoy from my ex-wife.
                                      A                                       B                        C              D
Phần 2: Điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống.
Jack London (1876 – 1916) is an American writer whose work combined powerful realism and humanitarian sentiment. He was (1)________in San Francisco. After finishing grammar (2)________, Jack London worked at various jobs and in 1897 and 1898 he participated (3)________the Alaska Gold Rush. Upon his return to the San Francisco area, he began to (4)________about his experiences. A collection of his short stories, The Son of the Golf, was (5)________in 1900. Jack’s colourful life, during which he wrote more than 50 books and which included enormous popular successes as an (6)________, experience as a war correspondent, and two stormy marriages, ended in his suicide at the (7)________of 40.
Many of his stories including his masterpiece The Call of the Wild deal with the reversion of a civilized creature to the primitive state. Jack London’s style – brutal, vivid and exciting – (8)________him enormously popular outside the United States; His (9)________were translated into many languages. Jack’s important works include People of the Abyss about the poor in London; the Sea Wolf, a novel based on the author’s experiences on a seal hunting ship; John Barleycorn, an autobiographical novel about Jack’s struggle (10)________alcoholism.
1. A. grown   B. born   C. developed  D. lived
2. A. lessons   B. course   C. notes   D. school
3. A. in   B. to     C. at    D. of
4. A. speak   B. read   C. talk   D. write
5. A. printed   B. ordered    C. sold    D. published
6. A. architect  B. author   C. actor   D. orator
7. A. moment  B. age    C. time   D. year
8. A. gave   B. let    C. made   D. did
9. A. speeches  B. sayings   C. words   D. works
10. A. to   B. for    C. against   D. of
Phần 3:
Unlike the eye, the ear has no lid; therefore noise penetrates without protection .Loud noises instinctively signal danger to any organism with a hearing mechanism, including human beings. In  response, heartbeat and respiration accelerate. In fact, there is a general increase in functioning brought about by the flow of adrenaline released in response to fear.
Because noise is unavoidable in a complex, industrial society, we are constantly responding in the same ways that we could respond to danger. Recently, researchers have concluded that noise and our response may be much more than an annoyance. It may be a serious threat to physical and psychological health and well-being, causing damage not only the ear and brain but also to the heart and stomach. We have long known that hearing loss is America’s number one nonfatal health problem, but now we are learning that some of us with heart disease and ulcers may be victims of noise as well.
1. According to the passage, people response to loud noises in the same ways that they response to
A. annoyance      B. danger   C. damage   D. disease
2. It can be inferred from this passage that the eye
A. responds to fear.
B. enjoys greater protection than the ear
C. increases functions
D. is damaged by noise.
3. What is the author’s main point?
A. noise may pose a serious threat to our physical and psychological health
B. Loud noises signal danger
C. Hearing loss is America’s number nonfatal health problem
D. The ear is not like the eye.
4. Noise is ……………………………………………………………………………….
A not a serious problem today
B. America’s number one problem
C. an unavoidable problem in an industrial society
D a complex problem
5. What was the topic of the paragraph that preceded this passage?
A. The eye    B. Heart diseases  C. Ulcers   D. Fear

ĐỀ 29
Phần 1: Trắc nghiệm
1. There are hardly any doctors here.
A. There are no doctors here.   B. There are very few doctors here.
C. There are some doctors here.   D. There aren’t any doctors here.
2. She’d look nicer…………she didn’t wear so much make-up.
A. if    B. as if   C. unless    D. so that
3. I wish I…………money when I was earning a good salary.
A. saved   B. could save  C. would have saved D. had saved
4. If you hadn’t spent so much time making up, we…………there by now.
A. would be   B. will be    C. have been  D. had been
5. If only you…………how I feel about you.
A. would be understood B. can understand  C. understood  D. understand
6. He decided to buy it.
A. He had a decision buy it.    B. He made a decision to buy it.
C. He made a decision buying it.     D. He decided buying it.
7. If Joe hadn’t tried to murder that millionaire, he…………in prison now.
A. wouldn’t be  B. hadn’t been   C. weren’t     D. wouldn’t have seen
8. Look! You’ve broken the vase. If only you…………more careful.
A. would be   B. had been  C. will be     D. have been
9. He finished it in one hour.
A. It took him one hour to finish it.   B. It took one hour he finished it.
C. It took he one hour to finish it.    D. It took him one hour finish it.
10. I doubt if she were not so rich…………?
A. did he want to marry her    B. does he want to marry her
C. should he want to marry her    D. would he want to marry her
11. To copy someone or something, to try to do the same as someone or something else is…………
A. to imagine  B. to imitate    C. to influence   D. to introduce
12. Perhaps there will be some large farms here someday.
A. Over   B. Maybe    C. Below    D. At all
13. Joe isn’t using………… He’s borrowed his sister’s.
A. an own car  B. his own car  C. a car his own   D. the own car
14. Playing cards is not harmful…………itself but gambling may be.
A. on    B. into   C. in     D. with
15. The police accused him…………murder.
A. to    B. for     C. of     D. from
16. China has a colder…………than Vietnam.
A. climate   B. air     C. temperature   D. season
17. In this cold climate, trees can’t…………
A. grow   B. bring up    C. mature    D. continue
18. A thief is going to get a nasty surprise today!
A. an astonishing  B. a disappointing   C. a boring   D. an unpleasant
19. They soon…………serious trouble.
A. ran after   B. followed    C. had   D. ran
20. –“I never drink coffee.”
    – ……………………………
A. Nor I don’t   B. Me too   C. I don’t too  D. Neither do I
21. Laser beams are used as a device for …………many kinds of diseases
A. treat   B. treated   C. treats   D. treating
22. Mathematics …………a difficult subject.
A. are    B. is    C. have   D. has
23. He says he’s been to …………restaurant in town.
A. many   B. every   C. all    D. most
24. I’m sure they were …………lies!
A. telling   B. making   C. doing   D. saying
25. He could not make anybody…………that he was innocent.
A. believes   B. believe   C. to believe   D. believing
26. What will you do when…………studying?
A. you’re finishing  B. you’ll have   finished   C. you’ve finished  D. you finished
27. No sooner …………in through the door than the phone rang.
A. I had walked  B. Had I walked  C. was I walking  D. walking
28. It’s time…………some work.
A. for to do   B. she would do  C. she did   D. she does
29. No one wants to stay in this nice weather, …………?
A. do they   B. don’t they  C. do he   D. does one
30. Mai, you should seriously consider…………an actress. You are a very talented performer.
A. to become  B. become   C. becoming   D. will become
Phát âm: Tìm từ phát âm khác với các từ còn lại.
31. A. house          B. group                        C. compound           D. surround
32. A. house  B. amount  C. count   D. young
33. A. laugh  B. plough    C. enough   D. cough
34. A. sometimes  B. gestures C. interests   D. examples
35. A. compromise  B. promise  C. comprise   D. surprise
Tìm từ có vần nhấn khác với các từ còn lại.
36. A. study  B. reply  C. apply  D. rely
37. A. deficiency  B. deficit  C. reference  D. deference
38. A. employee  B. referee  C. committee  D. refugee
39. A. tenant  B. common  C. rubbish  D. machine
40. A. company  B. atmosphere  C. customer  D. employment
Tìm lỗi sai:
41. You are quite so thin that you can slip between the bars.
       A    B           C D
42. To turn on the light, I was surprised at what I saw.
  A       B    C     D
43. I would rather live on a farm than to live in a city.
          A  B   C               D
44. The school library is free and open for all the pupils and teaching staff.
          A         B   C                      D
45. Why don’t you borrow books in the local lending library?
         A                B      C      D

Phần 2: Điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống.
Nancy  Lee  Johnson  was  a  (1)________girl.  She  was  smart,  pretty  and  (2)________in well with the life of her school. One Thursday afternoon, Miss O‟Shay, the vice-principal, (3)________Nancy that the girl’s pictures had won the Artist Club (4)________. Nancy was very happy at the news. She (5)________have danced all the way home through the rain.
But the (6)________didn’t let Nancy get the scholarship (7)________because they found that she was a (8)________student and they said that the (9)________of the coloured student in the local art school might  (10)________difficulties for all concerned.
1. A. colour   B. coloured   C.colouful  D.colourless
2. A. fit   B. fitted   C. fix   D. interested
3. A. asked   B. spoke   C. said  D. told
4. A. scholar   B. committee  C. punishment D. scholarship
5. A. can   B. may   C. must  D. might
6. A. jury   B. committee  C. statesman  D. champion
7. A. just   B. right   C. one  D. yet
8. A. black   B. Negro   C. colour  D. white
9. A. attend   B. attendance  C. present  D. presence
10. A. give   B. form   C. create  D. drawl

Phần 3:
Of all the natural wonders of the world, few are as spectacular as Niagara Falls. Located on the Niagara River along the border between the United States and Canada, Niagara Falls actually consists of two falls, the American falls and the Horseshoe Falls. The former is on the U.S. side of the border, in the state of New York, while the latter is on the Canadian side. About 85% of the water in Niagara River flows over the Horseshoe Falls, which is the more impressive of the two falls.
About 10 million people visit the falls each year, most during the summer tourist season. Sightseers can ride steamers up close to the boiling water of the falls, or view them from parks on both sides of the river. Niagara Falls has long been a popular honeymoon destination for newlyweds.

1. Which of the following is entirely on the U.S. side of the border with Canada?
A. Niagara River   C. Niagara Falls
B. American Falls   D. Horseshoe Falls
2. It can be inferred from the passage that Horseshoe Falls ………………………………
A. is the larger of the two falls.  C. Has 15% of the Niagara River flowing over its edge.
B. is the less impressive falls.  D. is in the state of New York.
3. According to the passage, where can people watch the falls?
A. From trains    C. From parks or boats
B. From airplanes    D. From cars or buses
4. In line 7, the word “them” refers to………………………..
A. steamers  C. parks                             B. sightseers  D. waterfalls
5. According to the passage, Niagara Falls………………………………
A. is a favorite spot of newly weds.       C. can be viewed from only one side of the Niagara River.
B. generates very hot water.                   D. is only impressive during the summer tourist season.

ĐỀ 30
Phần 1: Trắc nghiệm
1. The rain was beating…………the windows.
A. against   B. to    C. at    D. across
2. This must be…………restaurant in Bangkok.
A. the worst   B. worst   C. the more worse  D. the worse
3. You have tea for breakfast, …………you?
A. haven’t    B. don’t    C. won’t   D. have
4. It was fortunate we didn’t have to carry him. It was our……………
 A. good chance               B. fortune                C. good luck                      D. face
5. I can’t see you tonight. I have to…………a meeting.
A. assist to   B. be on    C. take place at  D. attend
6. Do come…………instead of standing there on the doorstep in the rain.
A. into   B. in     C. to    D. by
7. The address was free. It…………
A. was priceless  B. was worthless   C. cost nothing   D. was grateful
8. Children do not have to cross busy streets…………go to school.
A. for    B. for to    C. in order that  D. in order to
9. The baby fell asleep…………the film.
A. during   B. for     C. in    D. while
10. He will be retiring next week. He …………be retiring next year.
A. willn’t   B. won’t    C. shall not   D. shan’t
11. “Where are you?” His wife wanted to know where…………
A. he was   B. was   C. was he   D. he had been
12. His work was different…………his brother’s.
A. from   B. with    C. to    D. by
13. We’ve going to have steak and drink champagne.
A. eat    B. buy   C. prepare   D. order
14. It’s an excellent…………holiday.
A. package   B. party    C. group   D. team
15. We…………a good holiday last year.
A. passed   B. made    C. had   D. spent
16. A…………usually performs operations.
A. surgeon   B. doctor    C. nurse   D. matron
17. What are you cooking in that saucepan? It…………good.
A. makes   B. feels    C. smells   D. tastes
18. I’ll never forget…………that race. What a thrill!
A. to win   B. win    C. being won  D. winning

19. Which word is incorrect?
A. proofs   B. thiefs    C. chefs   D. cuffs
20. He was…………………….. on the library floor of his country house.
A. found dead  B. found deadly  C. found die   D. found death
21. Sorry, I haven’t made ……………. my mind yet.
A. on     B. in     C. out    D. up
22. I can’t tell Tom from his……………….. brother. They’re so alike.
A. twins’    B. twin’s    C. twins    D. twin
23. That’s none of my business. The problem is ………………
A. his    B. their   C. it    D. their ones.
24. Your girlfriend is …………………… naive
A. really   B. strange   C. funny   D. good
25. Michal has waited ………………….. the bus stop for over two hours.
A. for       B. on     C. at    D. in
26. The government has offered a …………………… of providing free health care to everyone.
A. political   B. politics   C. policy   D. politically
27. After a divorce from her first husband, she loves …………………… man now.
 A. other   B. another   C. other than  D. others
28. ………………, Mary made a wonderful speech.
A. Although she nervous    B. Although nervous
C. Although was nervous   D. Although she was nervous
29. Mr. Cucku worried about ………………… the test.
A. how his students do   B. how did his students do
C. how his students would do  D. his students could do
30. Until she and her husband got married, she had met ……………….. his mother or father.
A. no    B. none   C. none of   D. not

Phát âm: Tìm từ phát âm khác với các từ còn lại.
31. A. basement  B. abnormal   C. beachwear  D. dumb
32. A. pressure  B. missing  C. discussable  D. less
33. A. right  B. specialist C. minority   D. private
34. A. improve  B. cost  C. move   D. lose
35. A. desert  B. penalty  C. vertical   D. picture

Tìm từ có vần nhấn khác với các từ còn lại.
36. A. animal  B. bacteria  C. habitat  D. pyramid
37. A. neighbour  B.establish  C. community  D. encourage
38. A. treatment  B. television  C. provision  D. document
39. A.writer  B.teacher  C.builder  D. career
40. A. decision  B. deceive  C. decisive  D. decimal
Tìm lỗi sai:

41. He had to admit that there were something in what mother kept saying.
     A                      B          C           D
42. Sleeping all day, to eat too much and never going out is unhealthy.
A        B    C                                D
43. He was travelling with some local colleagues when their car stopped by unknown armed men.
               A                                         B                                     C                 D
44. Young people and those which have got low incomes have to be given better opportunities
        A            B           C
to secure homes in their communities
45. The floods caused billion of dollars in damage to homes, businesses, water treatment facilities,
                           A         B                                            C
bridges, roadways, and farmland.

Phần 2: Điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống.
Men are lazy in the home, according to an official survey (1)_______  today. They have about six hours’ a week more free time than wives, but play very little (42) _______ in cooking, cleaning, washing, and ironing, according to the Social  Trends Survey by the Central (3)  _______ Office.
Nearly three quarters of married women  (4) _______ to do all or most of  the housework, and among married men the proportion who admitted that their wives did all or most of the housework was only slightly lower.
The survey (5)  _______ that washing and ironing was the least popular task among men, with only one per cent (6) _______ this duty, compared with 89 per cent of women, and 10 per cent sharing equally.
Only  5  per  cent  of  men  (7)  _______  the  evening meal, 3 per  cent carry  out household cleaning duties, 5 per cent household shopping, and 17 per cent wash the evening dishes.
But when household gadgets break down, (8) _______ are carried out by 82 per cent of husbands. The survey says that, despite our economic problems, the majority of Britons are substantially better (9) _______ than a decade ago. We’re healthier, too – eating healthier foods and smoking less.
The (10) _______ Briton, not surprisingly, is more widely traveled than a decade ago. More people are going abroad for holidays, with Spain the favorite destination.
1. A. emerged   B. edited  C. published  D. furnished
2. A. role    B. section  C. work  D. part
3. A. Numerical   B. Ordinal  C. Cardinal  D. Statistical
4. A. pronounced   B. uttered  C. claimed  D. emitted
5. A. pointed   B. evolved  C. planned  D. showed
6. A. forming   B. formulating C. performing D. burdening
7. A. prepare   B. process  C. undertake  D. fit
8. A. repairs    B. fixings  C. fittings  D. amendments
9. A. over    B. off   C. through  D. on
10. A. medium   B. average  C. popular  D. normal

Phần 3:
Every year about two million people visit Mount Rushmore, where the faces of four U.S. Presidents were carved in granite by sculptor Gutzon Borglum and his son, the late Lincoln Borglum. The creation of the Mount Rushmore monument took 14 years-from 1927 to 1941-and nearly a million dollars. There were times when money was difficult to come by and many people were jobless. To move more than 400,000 tons of rock, Borglum hired laid-off workers from the closed-down mines in the Black Hills area. He taught these men to dynamite, drill, carve, and finish the granite as they hanging in midair in his specially devised chairs, which had many safety features. Borglum was proud of the fact that no workers were killed of severely injured during the years of blasting and carving. During the carving, many changes in the original design had to be made to keep the carved heads free of large fissures that were uncovered. However not all the cracks could be avoided, so Borglum concocted a mixture of granite dust, while lead, and linseed oil to fill them.
Every winter, water from melting snows gets into the fissures and expands as it freezes, making the fissures bigger. Consequently, every autumn maintenance work is done to refill the cracks. The repairers swing out in space over a 500-foot drop and fix the monument with the same mixture that Borglum used to preserve this national monument for future generations.
1. In line 13, the word “fissures” refers to…
A. designs          B. cracks         C. heads               D. carvings
2. According to the passage, Borglum’s son…
A. is dead             B. was a president        
C. did maintenance work            D. spent a million dollars
3. The men who Borglum hired were…
A. trained sculptors        B. laid-off stone masons
C. black hills volunteers            D. unemployed miners
4. It can be inferred from the passage that…
A. the heads are not as originally planned     B. the workers made mistakes when blasting
C. the cracks causes serious injuries         D. the designs had large fissures in them
5. Borglum’s mixture for filling cracks was…
 A. very expensive                       B. bought at the Black Hills mines
 C. invented by the sculptor himself              D. uncovered during carving


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