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Nội dung chính:

Phần giống hôm 23

Read the passage and choose the best answer:
In the United States, presidential elections are held in years evenly divisible by four (1888, 1900, 1964, etc.). Since 1840, American presidents elected in years ending with zero have died in office, with one exception. William H. Harrison, the man who served the shortest term, died of pneumonia only several weeks after his inauguration.
Abraham Lincoln was one of four presidents who were assassinated. He was elected in 1860, and his untimely death came just five years later. James A. Garfield, a former Union army general from Ohio, was shot during his first year in office (1881) by a man to whom he wouldn’t give a job. While in his second term of office (1901), William McKinley, another Ohioan, attended the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. During the reception, he was assassinated while shaking hands with some of the guests. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 in Dallas only three years after his election.
Three years after his election in 1920, Warren G, Harding died in office. Although it was never proved, many believe he was poisoned. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected four times (1932, 1936, 1940 and 1944), the only man to serve so long a term. He had contracted polio in 1921 and eventually died of the illness in 1945.
Ronald Reagan, who was elected in 1980 and reelected four years later, suffered an assassination attempt but did not succumb to the assassin’s bullets. He was the first to break the long chain of unfortunate events. Will the candidate in the election of 2020 also be as lucky?
61. All of the following were election years EXCEPT ____
A. 1960 B. 1930 C.1888 D.1824
62. Which president served the shortest term in office?
A. Abraham Lincoln B. Warren G. Harding
C. William McKinley D. William H. Harrison
63. Which of the following is true?
A. All presidents elected in years ending in zero have died in office.
B. Only presidents from Ohio have died in office.
C. Franklin D. Roosevelt completed four terms as president.
D. Four American presidents have been assassinated.
64. How many presidents elected in years ending in zero since 1840 have died in office?
A. 7 B. 5 C. 4 D. 3
65. The word “inauguration” in the first paragraph means most nearly the same as
A. election B. acceptance speech
C. swearing-in ceremony D. campaign
66. All of the following presidents were assassinated EXCEPT ____
A. John F. Kennedy B. Franklin D. Roosevelt
C. Abraham Lincoln D. James A. Garfield
67. The word “whom” in the second paragraph refers to ____
A. Garfield B. Garfield’s assassin C. a Union army general D. McKinley
68. The word “assassinated” in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to
A. murdered B. decorated C. honored D. sickened
69. In the third paragraph, “contracted” is closest in meaning to ____
A. communicated about B. developed C. agree about D. notified
70. How long did Warren G, Harding work as a president?
A. 2 years B. 3 years C. 4 years D. 4 years

Đáp án: 1B – 2D – 3C – 4A – 5C – 6B – 7B – 8A – 9B – 10B

A number of factors related to the voice reveal the personality of the speaker.
The first is the broad area of communication, which includes imparting information by use of language, communicating with a group or an individual and specialized communication through performance. A person conveys thoughts and ideas through choice of words, by a tone of voice that is pleasant or unpleasant, gentle or harsh, by the rhythm that is inherent within the language itself, and by speech rhythms that are flowing and regular or uneven and hesitant, and finally, by the pitch and melody of the utterance. When speaking before a group, a person’s tone may indicate uncertainty or fright, confidence or calm. At interpersonal levels, the tone may reflect ideas and feelings over and above the words chosen, or may believe them. (Here) the participant’s tone can consciously or unconsciously reflect intuitive sympathy or antipathy, lack of concern or interest, fatigue, anxiety, enthusiasm or excitement, all of which are .usually discernible by the acute listener. Public performance is a manner of communication that is highly specialized with its own techniques for obtaining effects by voice and /or gesture. The motivation (derived) from the text, and in the case of singing, the music, in combination with the performer’s skills, personality, and ability to create empathy will determine the success of artistic, political, or pedagogic communication.
Second, the voice gives psychological clues to a person’s self-image, perception of others, and emotional health. Self-image can be indicated by a tone of voice that is confident, pretentious, shy, aggressive, outgoing, or exuberant, to name only a few personality traits. Also the sound may give a clue to the facade or mask of that person, for example, a shy person hiding behind an overconfident front. How a speaker perceives the listener’s receptiveness, interest, or sympathy in any given conversation can (drastically) alter the tone of presentation, by encouraging or discouraging the speaker. Emotional health is (evidenced) in the voice by free and melodic sounds of the happy, by constricted and harsh sound of the angry, and by dull and lethargic qualities of the depressed.
Question 1: What does the passage mainly discuss?
A. The function of the voice in performance
B. Communication styles
C. The connection between voice and personality
D. The production of speech
– Như chị đã nói, khi gặp câu hỏi hỏi về chủ đề được bàn luận đến thì đáp án thường nằm ở câu đầu bài hoặc cuối bài. Và trong bài này, dựa vào nội dung câu văn đầu tiên “A number of factors related to the voice reveal the personality of the speaker.” (rất nhiều yếu tố liên quan đến giọng nói bộc lộ tính cách của người nói) là chủ đề của đoạn văn.
=> C ( sự liên hệ giữa giọng nói và tính cách )
Question 2: What does the author mean by staring that, “At interpersonal levels, tone may reflect ideas and feelings over and above the words chosen” in lines 6?
A. Feelings are expressed with different words than ideas are.
B. The tone of voice can carry information beyond the meaning of words.
C. A high tone of voice reflects an emotional communication.
D. Feelings are more difficult to express than ideas.
– dịch câu hỏi : Tác giả có ý gì khi nói rằng “Ở mức độ cá nhân,liệu giọng nói có thể phản ánh ý tưởng và cảm xúc qua những từ được chọn”?
=> đọc đoạn văn sẽ thấy B là đáp án đúng, tức là Giọng nói có thể mang tới thông tin vượt quá ý nghĩa của từ.
Question 3: The word “Here” in line 6 refers to _____________.
A. interpersonal interactions
B. the tone
C. ideas and feelings
D. words chosen
– dựa vào câu đứng trc từ “here” thì dễ nhận thấy ở đây ám chỉ đến “interpersonal interactions” (sự tương tác giữa các cá nhân với nhau)
Question 4: The word “derived” in line 13 is closest in meaning to ____________.
A. discussed
B. prepared
C. registered
D. obtained
=> cái này cần vốn từ vựng phong phú này ^^ , đáp án là D : đạt đc, nhận đc
Question 5: Why does the author mention “artistic, political, or pedagogic communication” in line 10?
A. As examples of public performance
B. As examples of basic styles of communication
C. To contrast them to singing
D. To introduce the idea of self-image
– Dựa vào nội dung của câu văn có chứa “artistic, political, or pedagogic communication” ta có thể thấy người viết liệt kê những loại hình giao tiếp trên như là ví dụ của những loại hình giao tiếp cơ bản.
=> B
Question 6: According to the passage, an exuberant tone of voice may be an indication of a person’s _______.
A. general physical health
B. personality
C. ability to communicate
D. vocal quality
– câu hỏi của câu này là : Theo đoạn văn thì giọng điệu phong phú có thể là dấu hiệu để chỉ ra ______ của một người => dễ đoán được rồi, đáp án là B, tính cách của con người. Hoặc có thể nhìn rõ hơn ở câu “Self-image can be indicated by a tone of voice that is confident, pretentious, shy, aggressive, outgoing, or exuberant, to name only a few personality traits”
Question 7: According to the passage, an overconfident front may hide _______.
A. hostility
B. shyness
C. friendliness
D. strength
– Trong bài có nhắc đến “a shy person hiding behind an overconfident front” , và câu hỏi nó chỉ viết vặn vẹo lại chút thui ^^ => B là đáp án đúng.
Question 8: The word “drastically” in line 14 is closest in meaning to ____________.
A. frequently
B. exactly
C. severely
D. easily
=> C : mạnh mẽ, quyết liệt
Question 9: The word “evidenced” in line 15 is closest in meaning to ________.
A. questioned
B. repeated
C. indicated
D. exaggerated
=> C : chứng minh
Question 10: According to the passage, what does a constricted and harsh voice indicate?
A. Lethargy
B. Depression
C. Boredom
D. Anger
– Dựa vào nội dung của ý sau ở câu cuối cùng của bài “by constricted and harsh sound of the angry”
=>D : Giọng gay gắt khó chịu chỉ ra người đó đang tức giận.
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