Đề thi thử trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh – đề mới số 14- ôn thi công chức thuế

Đề thi thử trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh – đề mới số 14- ôn thi công chức thuế- làm nhẹ nhàng buổi đêm nhé mọi người

Circle A, B, C or D before the word or phrase that best completes the sentence above
1. A Hello, ________ name’s Anna.What’s your name?          B Ben.
A. Your        B. My          C. Their         D. I
A Hi, Carla. (2) ________ are you? A Hello   B. What   C. How   D.
B Fine, thanks. And you?
A OK, (3) ________ .           A. Hello  B. You        C. Thanks
D. fine
A What’s (4) ________ in English? A. my    B. they        C. this
D. he
B (5) ________ ’s a book.        A. It     B. A     C. Is     D.
Receptionist: (6) _____ your name Jean-Pierre?
Jean-Pierre : Yes, (8) _____ is.
7. A. Are       B. Is           C. Am          D. Who
8. A. you       B. She          C. Are          D. It
Receptionist (8) _____ you from France, Jean-Pierre?
Jean-Pierre No, (9) I _____ from France. I’m from
Birmingham, in England.
8. A. Are       B. Is           C. Am          D. Where
9. A. am not     B. ‘m          C. are not        D. is not
Receptionist Are (11) _____ a teacher?
Jean-Pierre No, I’m (12) _____ . I’m a doctor.
10. A. I        B. you          C. he           D. she
11. A. not       B. am          C. he           D a teacher
Receptionist How (12)____ are you?
Jean-Pierre I’m 31.
Receptionist Thanks. And are you (13)____ ?
Jean-Pierre No, I’m not.
12. A. where     B. are          C. old          D. fine
13. marry       B.from         C. England       D. married

A: Good morning. The Boston Hotel.
B: Hello. The manager, (14) _______ .
A Certainly. And your name is?
B Julia Alvarez.
A How do you (15) _______ your surname?
B A-L-V-A-R-E-Z.

A Thank you.
C Hello, (16) _______ is the manager.
14.A. please     B. pardon        C excuse        D thank you
15. A. write     B. spell         C say           D. do
16. A.that       B. This         C. is           D. I’m
A: Good afternoon. The Elite School of English.
B :Hello. The director, Angela Rose, please.
A : I’m sorry. She isn’t (17) _______ her office. What (18) _______ your phone
B: 00 39 05 65432.
A: Thank you (19) _______ telephoning.
B: Goodbye.
17.A.at         B. on           C. in           D. of
18.A this       B. the          C. are          D. Is
19.A.of        B for           C. in           D. have
A: Yes, please!
B: (20) ______ I have an ice-cream, please?
A: OK.
B: How (21) ______ is that?
A: £1.50, please.
B: There (22) ______ are.
A: Thanks very much.
20.A.Is         B.Are          C. Can          D. The
21.A.much      B. must         C. are          D. old
22. A is        B. I            C. they         D. you
A: Hello, Can I (23) ______ on this T-shirt, please?
B: Of (24) ______ . The changing rooms are just here.
23. A go        B. buy          C. try          D. get
24. A. course    B. please        C. help         D. yes
A Good morning. Can I (25) ______ you?
B Yes, please. Can I change (26) ______ traveller’s
A How (27) ______ is it?
B 100 dollars.
25. A.sell       B. help         C. have         D. do
26. A. the       B. an           C. this          D. three
27. A.is        B. much         C. can          D. do
28. Bill: Hello. . . . Bill.     Shiro: Hi, Bill. My name’s Shiro.
A. He is        B. I am         C. This is       D. none is correct
29. Linda: Hello. My name’s Linda. What . . .?   Keiko: My name’s Keiko
A. you name     B. your name     C. his name      D. her name
30. This song is very good. It’s my . . . song.
A. favorite      B. first          C. sad          D. happy
31. Tom has . . .

A. very good job B. very good a job C. a job very good D. a very good job
32. Hamburger is . . .
A. a sport       B. a kind of food   C. a vegetable     D. a kind of car
33. The book . . .
A. are in the bag  B. is in the bag    C. is in the       D. are in the
sandwich        sandwich
34. Which of the underlined has a different sound form the others?
A. bag         B. car          C. sandwich      D. camera
35. Which of the underlined has a different sound from the others?
A. books       B. cameras       C. photographs    D. students
36. My father has a small farm . . . the north of Viet Nam
A. in          B. on           C. at           D. out
37. This is Nam, . . . Kon Tum High School.
A. in          B. from         C. at           D. studies
38. This is Phong. He is a student . . . Kon Tum High School.
A. from        B. in           C. at           D. studies
38. A:    How do you . . .?              B: Q-U-Y-N-H
A. do          B. spell         C. pronounce     D. speak
39. How many languages does he . . .?
A. say         B. talk          C. speak        D. tell
40. Football is not my favorite . . .
A. program      B. sport         C. food         D. film
41. He wants . . . an actor.
A. be          B. is           C. to be         D. are
42. Tom: Is your name Nam?          Nam: Yes, . . .
A. I am        B. it is          C. you are       D. Yes, thanks
43. He leaves home . . .by taxi.
A. and goes to    B. to work       C. and to work    D. and for work
44. In the evening, he usually . . . at six.
A. arrives home   B. arrives at home C. get to home    D. None is correct
45. After the dinner, she usually . . .
A. has for a walk B. goes walking   C. goes for a walk D. has walk
46. I usually go . . .
A. drink coffee   B. to out to coffee C. out for a coffee D. out drink coffee
47. . . . they live in America?
A. Are         B. Are do        C. Do          D. Does
48. Hoa: When do you . . . ?       Mai: In the evening of Monday, Wednesday
and Friday;
A. learn English  B. have English   C. study English   D. none is correct
lessons         class
49. A: What time is it?               B: It’s . . .
A. ten fifteen     B. fifteen ten     C. fifteen after ten D. fifteen before
50. I get . . . six o’clock.
A. up          B. to           C. on           D. down


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