Luyện thi tiếng Anh công chức thuế 2019

1. Write the letter to tell your friend about your last holiday
Dear Trang, How are you? I was very happy when I got a letter from you. I am really happy that you spent a wonderful summer holiday in Sa Pa. And now, I would like to tell you about my summer holiday. Last summer I visited Cua Lo beach with my parents. We went there by car. We stayed in Binh Minh hotel for a week. In Cua Lo, we visited a lot of interesting places: Hon Ngu island, Nguyen Su Hoi temple. But the most exciting for me was visiting Hon Ngu island. It was fantastic and romantic.. Food in Cua Lo is extremely delicious. I especially felt excited with the courses from seafood such as “cua rang me, chao ngao or mam ruoc” Cua Lo’s people are very friendly and warm. So, my parents and I felt happy very comfortable like at home. Well, I told you everything about my holiday. Trang, what places do you want to visit on your next holiday? Why?

2. You have invited your friend to stay with you next week , but you need to delay this visit. Write a letter to apologise to your friend and explain why the visit has to be delayed.
Dear Phuong, I’m really sorry for having to delay your staying with me next week. I know you want to meet me at my home very much. So do I. Unfortunately, I must change our plan. My grandmother has just had a heart attack. Now, she is in hospital and my family must be there with her. At this time, I will spend time on looking after my grandmother. I feel sad that I let you down and I hope you accept my apology. When my grandmother becomes better and comes back home, we will meet each other at my home again, like our plan. Do you agree with me?

3. This is part of a letter you receive from your English pen-friend
Dear Anna, I have received your letter and I feel so glad when knowing that you had passed your examinations with good marks. You want me to tell you about my own family. I got married eight years ago. And now I have two sons, they are very studious, my first son is five years old. His name is Khanh. My second son is 3 years old, his name is Khiem. My wife is an accountant, She is 35 years old, her name is Doan. My family lives in a small house in Thai Nguyen city. At the weekend, my family often goes to visit our parents. Sometimes, we stay at home and clean the house. Now I am preparing for my master entrance is very hard for me but I try my best, to pass the exam. I have told you something about my own family life. How about your family life? Are you ready to let me know about it? I am really excited to hear about it. Best wishes to you.

4. You have just been on a visit to another country. You are writing a letter to your English friend. You describe what you saw and how you left.
Dear Jane, How are you? I have just had a two week holiday in Australia. I would like to tell you something about my trip. I was very happy that I visited Melbourne- Australia with my parents. We flew to Melbourne and stayed in a hotel in the centre of Melbourne. In Melbourne, we visited a lot of interesting places: museum, Vitoria square, Footscray market. The view of Melbourne was fantastic and romantic. But the most exciting for me was visiting Philip island. I could see a lot of penguin there. Food in Melbourne was quite good. I especially felt excited with the Chinese food when we visited China town in Australia. Australian people are very friendly and warm. So, my parents and I felt very comfortable and like at home. Well, I told you everything about my holiday. What places do you want to visit on your next time? Why?

5. Write an email to your friend. Invite him or her to dinner and give details of the restaurant. Include the date and the time and the name, location and type of restaurant.
Dear Tung, How are you? I hope you are doing well at university these days. You haven’t written to me about your examinations but I believe that you passed your exam easily. Anyway, on June 2nd, 2013 will be my birthday. To celebrate my 35th birthday, I am going to hold a warm dinner at manh hoach restaurant near Luc quan crossroad, Co Dong, Son tay, Ha Noi at 6.00 in the evening of the 2nd next Sunday. I am going to invite all of my friends. I will be very eager to meet you in there The dinner will start at 6 o’clock, but you can come earlier and we can go fishing at the lake. Bring your wife along with you too. Don’t be late. I hope you would accept my invitation. Your sincerely,

6. My family
I got married in 2005. I have a family with four members, they are my wife, our two children and me. We all live in a house in Thai Nguyen city, it’s about 110 km from here. My wife is my close friend, she is 35 years old, she’s the same age as me. Her full name is Ngo Thi Mai Doan. She is an accountant, so she is rather busy in her work. In my family Perhaps, she is the most hard working person. She has to look after two sons. She always gets up very early, She prepares breakfast for us. I love her food very much. Whenever I come home, she usually cooks a lot of food for me. She likes going to the supermarket to buy clothes for us. Her favourite sport is badminton and table Tenis, every afternoon, she usually plays sport with me or her friends in her free time. We have two sons. My first son is 5 years olds, he is very studious and my second son is 3 years old, he is abit lazier, but they both are lovely. When they stay at home, my house is in a mess. Sometime they fight each other and make a lot of noise. We always have to remind them to keep peaceful (hoa binh) in my house. Fortunately, They all went to the kindergarten. The last member is me, I have been a learner of Tran Quoc Tuan university for 6 months. I don’t often go home, so I miss my family a lot. I hope my family is always safe and sound.

7. Daily routine
I always get up at 5 a.m. After getting up. I do morning exercises for about 10 minutes. Then I brush my teeth and wash my face. I have breakfast at 5.30 a.m. Before going to work, I have two or three cups of tea or a cup of coffee. I start work at 7 a.m. I usually have 6 periods with 2 or 3 subjects. After each period I have 5 minutes break to relax. The morning lessons finish at 11.30 in summer. I often have lunch at 11.45. After having lunch, I take a nap for an hour. I continue working at 2.00 p.m, I go to school again to study three more periods, sometimes I stay at my unit to revise the lessons. I usually finish my work at 4.30 p.m. I go back to my unit and play sport with my friends. I usually play table tennis, football, volleyball or badminton until 5 p.m. I like sport because playing sport is good for my health. I have a bath before having dinner. After having dinner, I often watch television or read newspapers. Then I usually do my homework, prepare lesson for the next day or read book. I often go to the bed at 10.30 p.m. That is all my activities in a day. I think I like daily routine because I don’t have to think about what I have to do in a day.

8. Close friend
My close friend is a girl friend, Her full name is Ngo Thi Mai Doan. She is 35 years old. She is an accountant, She is working in Thai Nguyen city We have known each other when we were in the high school. So we have been friends for 20 years. She isn’t very tall , abit fat, but strong, and intelligent. She has got an around face, a straight nose, a wide forehead, black eyes and straight short black hair. Her skin is white pink. She is very frendly, heplful and generous. She has a lot of good advice about life and work She was married. She has have 2 children. Her family lives in Thai Nguyen city, it’s about 3km from my house, Her favourite sport is badminton and table tenis, every afternoon, she usually plays sport with me or her friends. We often meet each other at weekend and have a merry meal. Somtime we went to somewhere to relax. We always help each other in our lives and our works. That is all my topic Thank you very much for your listening

Last summer, I went to Cua lo with my family. We went there by car, it is very far from my house, it is about 400 km, so we were very tired, but at one we felt better when we saw the sea. Cua lo beach is really interesting, the beach is very large, flat, and it has a lot of sand. Waves are very strong, you will be very excited when you play with it. There are a lot of beauty spots, and good seafood there We stayed in Binh Minh hotel. It was a very nice and comfortable hotel, it’s also rather near the sea. The weather was hot and sunny all day. The sea was cool and clear, because it was very windy in the afternoon. We went swimming twice a day. My children was excited about it. The food was extremely delicious but not very expensive. We took a lot of Photograps of the sea, bought a lot of seafood especially octobus(ca muc) and some sea present for our relatives(ho hang) After a week in Cua lo beach we felt happy and stronger. We hope to go there again.

10. Leisure activity
As you know, Being humans we naturally need to take rest on our leisure time, to recover the stress of work and every day life. In fact every individual needs to take part in different activities Some people like participating in outdoor activities, such as: running, walking, swimming, going fishing, or playing in sport…. Because they have sitting jobs, these people spend all day sitting on a chair to their work. At the end of a working day, they may have a backache, and their bodies become tired. These people are usualy an accountant; secretary ; Lawyer; Cashier… Some other people like taking part in indoor activities, such as reading books; watching TV; listenning to music; relaxing in bed…. Because these people have physical jobs,after work they don’t want to run five kilometers, because they are already physically tired, they want to take rest for their body. These people are usually doctor; worker, farmer, carpenter(thợ mộc)Collier(thợ mỏ than)Cowboy(người chăn bò)diver( thợ lặn)electrician(thợ điện). For me, I prefer to take part in outdoor activities. I like swimming, running, playing sport, especially playing badminton. I feel more comfortable and stronger after taking part in those activities, so I spend at least one hour in a day on leisure activities To sum up, leisure activity is very neccessary for people. So we should choose what is the best for us.

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