Loss đi với giới từ gì? Các ví dụ về giới từ theo sau Loss 

Loss đi với giới từ gì? Các ví dụ về giới từ theo sau Loss. Để hiểu hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng như cách sử dụng “Loss” trong Tiếng Anh như thế nào, hãy cùng Ngolongnd.net tìm hiểu chi tiết ngay trong bài viết dưới đây.

Loss đi với giới từ gì?
Loss đi với giới từ gì?

Loss là gì?

loss /lɔs/

  • danh từ
    • sự mất
    • sự thua, sự thất bại
      • the loss of a battle: sự thua trận
    • sự thiệt hại, tổn hại, tổn thất, thua lỗ
      • to suffer heavy losses: bị thiệt hại nặng
      • to seli at a loss: bán lỗ vốn
      • a deal loss: sự mất không
      • to make up a loss: bù vào chỗ thiệt
      • the dealth of Lenin was a great loss to the world proletarian movement: Lê-nin mất đi là một tổn thất lớn cho phong trào vô sản thế giới
    • sự uổng phí, sự bỏ phí
      • without loss of time: không để uổng phí thì giờ
    • to be at a loss
      • lúng túng, bối rối, luống cuống
    • to be a loss to answers (for an answer; how to answer): lúng túng không biết trả lời thế nào
    • I’m at a loss to explain what happened.
      I was so embarrassed that I was at a loss for words (= I didn’t know what to say).

Loss đi với giới từ gì?

the loss of sb: mất đi ai đó

the loss of their son.

loss of life

an occasion when a number of people die:
The plane crashed with serious loss of life.

Máy bay gặp nạn thiệt hại nghiêm trọng về nhân mạng.

a loss in sth

The new road will cause losses in economic value to many local properties.

Con đường mới sẽ gây thiệt hại về giá trị kinh tế cho nhiều tài sản địa phương.

loss of sth

a situation in which you no longer have something or have less of something, or the process that causes this: tình huống mà bạn không còn có thứ gì đó hoặc có ít thứ gì đó hoặc quá trình gây ra điều này:

The loss of jobs in the convenience food industry seems inevitable.
loss of earnings/income/pay She received compensation for loss of earnings through the illness.

a loss on an investment/a sale

lỗ khi đầu tư / bán

be a loss to sb/sth: là một mất mát cho ai đó

a disadvantage caused by someone leaving an organization: một bất lợi do ai đó rời bỏ tổ chức:
It would be a great loss to the department if you left.

Sẽ là một mất mát lớn cho bộ phận nếu bạn rời đi.

loss of face: mất mặt

a situation in which someone loses the respect of other people because of something they have done:
His first deal with the company had turned into a very public loss of face.

be a loss to answers: lúng túng không biết trả lời thế nào

I’m at a loss to explain what happened.

Các ví dụ về giới từ theo sau Loss 

This was Madame Perrodon, a native of Berne, whose care and good nature now in part supplied to me the loss of my mother, whom I do not even remember, so early I lost her.
He had an important business engagement for the next day, Wednesday, which he failed to keep, and this may mean a considerable loss to him.
The complete British loss in killed and wounded was wonderfully small, only thirty, just one-tenth of the corresponding American loss, which was large out of all proportion.
Mary Jane.–I have embroidered a flag for the Prussian army, and am at a loss for a motto.
Ere the error was discovered the loss on both sides was serious, and in the conflict her Majesty was deprived of the services of a devoted and faithful servant by the death of heroic Captain E.A.W. Lendy.
Nature beautifully compensates this loss by making language very full–more words than ideas.
And as to the Ladin, although its derivation be more manifest, yet we are equally at a loss from what period or branch of the Latin tongue to trace its real origin; for I have found, after many tedious experiments, that even the vocabulary, in which the resemblance is most evident, differs equally from the classical purity of Tully, Caesar, and Sallust, as it does from the primitive Latin of the twelve tables, of Ennius, and the columna rostralis of Duillius, which has generally been thought the parent of the Gallic Romance; as also from the trivial language of Varro, Vegetius, and Columella.
To carry on the economic life of a nation with its labor flotsam and jetsam is loss at any time; in time of storm and stress it is suicide.
One from a lucid urn of starry dew Washed his light limbs, as if embalming them; Another dipt her profuse locks, and threw The wreath upon him, like an anadem Which frozen tears instead of pearls begem; 5 Another in her wilful grief would break Her bow and winged reeds, as if to stem A greater loss with one which was more weak, And dull the barbed fire against his frozen cheek.
AT&T also announced their plans to offer a rebate of service on Valentine’s Day to make up for the loss during the Crash.
It was in the spring of 207 B.C. that Hasdrubal, after skilfully disentangling himself from the Roman forces in Spain, and after a march conducted with great judgment and little loss through the interior of Gaul and the passes of the Alps, appeared in the country that now is the north of Lombardy, at the head of troops which he had partly brought out of Spain and partly levied among the Gauls and Ligurians on his way.
The deaths in the War do not represent a half of this decrease, when is deducted the losses among the coloured troops and those from French colonies who fought for France.
He ascertained his loss before he left for London, and told this man Sanders where he thought the pocket-book had dropped out.
In the State of New York alone for 1920, there was a loss due to strikes of over 10,000,000 working days.
It was intimated some eighteen centuries since that the highest are obtained only by loss of the same; and the transmutation of loss into gain is the essence and perfection of all spiritual economies.
At Riga hunger and sickness have caused enormous losses amongst the population.
To which he that shall add the monstrous productions that are so frequently to be met with in nature, will find it hard, even in the race of animals, to determine by the pedigree of what species every animal’s issue is; and be at a loss about the real essence, which he thinks certainly conveyed by generation, and has alone a right to the specific name.
She shut the loss up in her own heart.
It will be realized that, since the losses towards the end of 1916 were such as to give just cause for considerable anxiety, the later figures made it clear that some method of counteracting the submarines must be found and found quickly if the Allied cause was to be saved from disaster.

Most of the people were those she knew in London or in Paris, including a sprinkling of cosmopolitans, a Russian prince notorious for his losses over at the new cercle at Cannes, a divorced Austrian Archduchess, and two or three well-known diplomats.
I added the fact that we had travelled together, mentioned the incident at the gangway, and explained that I had not suspected my loss until I arrived at the Elysee Palace Hotel.
When you get down South, into Georgia and Alabama, where they never lose any slaves, they are disturbed by the outrages and losses under the non-fulfillment of the fugitive-slave law just in proportion as they have no interest in it, and do not know what they are talking about.”
As his strong personality was communicated to his audiences and his readers, his death in 1870 was felt as a personal loss throughout the English-speaking world.
No salvage was demanded for the loss off Cape Henlopen, I trust?”
The assaults, which at suitable points were made by the Celts upon the army in march, were very annoying, not so much of themselves as by reason of the turmoil which they occasioned; and when Hannibal with his light troops threw himself from above on the Allobroges, these were chased doubtless without difficulty and with heavy loss down the mountain, but the confusion, in the train especially, was further increased by the noise of the combat.
The latter discovered, to his horror, that Milady had already become possessed cunningly of two of the precious studs, and D’Artagnan had to wait while the skill of the first English jeweller made good the loss beyond detection.
Walpurga chides Armgart’s false ambition in these words: I but stand As a small symbol for the mighty sum Of claims unpaid to needy myriads; I think you never set your loss beside That mighty deficit.
Yet would he not permit his truth to sink To utter loss amid that foundering fight, But led us, scarred and shattered from the spoil Of Paynim rage, the desert’s thirsty death, To where beneath the sheltering crags we prayed And rested and grew strong.
I believe that God arranges our various burdens and fits them to our backs, and that He sets off a loss against a gain, so that while some seem more favored than others, the mere aspect deceives.
He visited us, and we often met him at Eastbourne, and his death was indeed a great loss after so many happy years of friendship with one we so greatly admired and loved.



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