Recognize đi với giới từ gì? Đặt câu với recognize

Recognize đi với giới từ gì? Đặt câu với recognize là thắc mắc của rất nhiều bạn học tiếng Anh. Để hiểu hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng như cách sử dụng “Recognize” trong Tiếng Anh như thế nào, hãy cùng tìm hiểu chi tiết ngay trong bài viết dưới đây.

Recognize đi với giới từ gì?
Recognize đi với giới từ gì?

Recognize là gì?

[‘rekəgnaiz] ngoại động từ
(to recognize somebody / something as something) công nhận, thừa nhận

recognized instructors, schools, charities
thầy giáo/nhà trường/tổ chức cứu tế được thừa nhận
to recognize somebody’s claim to ownership
thừa nhận yêu sách của ai về quyền sở hữu
Britain has recognized the new regime
Nước Anh đã công nhận chế độ mới
to recognize a government
công nhận một chính phủ
everyone recognized him to be the lawful heir/as the lawful heir
ai cũng thừa nhận anh ta là người thừa kế hợp pháp
he recognized his lack of qualifications/that he was not qualified for the post
anh ta thừa nhận là mình thiếu trình độ chuyên môn để đảm nhiệm công việc ấy

(to recognize somebody / something by something) nhận ra

to recognize an old acquaintance
nhận ra một người quen cũ
to recognize someone by his walk
nhận ra một người nào nhờ dáng đi của anh ta
I recognized her by her red hat
tôi nhận ra cô ấy nhờ cái mũ đỏ của cô ấy

tỏ lòng biết ơn hoặc đánh giá cao (khản năng, công lao của ai…) bằng cách khen thưởng

The firm recognized Tom’s outstanding work by giving him an extra bonus
công ty ghi nhậnb công việc nổi bật của Tom bằng cách tặng thêm cho anh ta một khoản tiền thưởng
his services to the State were recognized
sự phục vụ của ông ta đối với Nhà nước đã được đánh giá cao

Recognize đi với giới từ gì?

Recognize sb as sb: nhận ra ai là ai đó

He recognized the man as one of the police officers.

Recognize sb by sth: nhận ra ai bởi đặc điểm gì đó

I recognized her by her red hair.

Recognize sb from sth: nhận ra ai từ đâu

I recognized them from a television show.

Be recognized as

All rivers should be officially recognized as public rights of way.

Độ phổ biến của giới từ sau Recognize – Đặt câu với recognize 

In 31% of cases recognize by is used

Brahma is recognised by his four heads.

It will be hardly recognized by anybody.

After the fix, the bard was recognized by PC.

Neoplasms showing FDC differentiation were first recognized by Monda et al in 1986.

Donetsk National Medical University is recognized by the World Health Organization.

I just felt this information hadn’t been properly recognized by most of the posters.

More links will not harm your site rating but links beyond that number will not be recognized by search engines.

They think the world owes them and their kids a living? which, in England, is pretty much recognised by the law.

This awe-inspiring statue was a gift from France to America and is easily recognized by people around the world.

In 26% of cases recognize as is used

PVD is recognized as a physical process.

Anger should be recognized as a normal human emotion.

And?? CHINT?? brand is recognized as?? Top Chinese Brand??

Miller-Vaz is one of only 15 individuals to be recognized as a 2010 Diamond Honoree.

Its beat was noticeably slower than ska and is recognised as the first rocksteady song.

Quadriceps weakness has long been anecdotally recognised as a feature common to knee OA.

Second Amendment Newt has been long recognized as a strong defender of the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms.

ERROR MESSAGE: ‘ ipconfig ‘ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Surprisingly, and in spite of my incarceration, I’d still celebrated and recognised as a celebrity in the country?

In 15% of cases recognize for is used

You’re recognised for your live shows.

But the volunteers were recognized for the wrong reason.

It’s nice to see you have been recognized for all to see.

The benefits of increasing students ‘ global awareness have been recognised for some time.

As such, if he isn’t recognized for what he does, he may be down, but he will not be surprised.

While I’d a fan of none, I love how Frieda Pinto is recognized for her style as well as talent.

Chamomile green tea is recognized for its soothing impact, but in addition other teas that can calm you as well.

KE is to be recognised for its coming live music, Dj’s and life celebrations of different cultures and traditions.

The Old East Village is especially proud of the London InterCommunity Health Centre, recognized for Community Impact.

Bentley has been recognised for creating a culture where staff are proud to uphold its values and work for the company.

In 14% of cases recognize in is used

Whatever he recognizes in himself he honours.

NK maintains a de facto but unrecognised independence.

Get recognized in the web community by writing for us.

Deferred tax assets and liabilities would be recognised in conformity with IAS 12.

While the investigations published by the Israeli military and recognized in the U.

Two Canadian projects were recognized in the recycling and waste management category.

The justice of the Palestinian cause is increasingly recognized in the West, particularly at the grassroots level.

Several top results Volvo Car Corporation’s dedication to car safety has been recognized in several recent studies.

OUP in Pakistan has a special history and is well recognized in this country for upholding the highest of standards.

In 3% of cases recognize with is used

Being recognized with this honor could mean major National.

Ultimately his view prevailed, and was recognized with the 2005 Nobel Prize.

Recognizing with the entire process will certainly guarantee you a successful business.

We are coming to recognize with assurance characteristic aspects of each phase of the process.

Founded in 1931, Berkeley Lab’s scientific expertise has been recognized with 13 Nobel prizes.

If you have already had ongoing home business, you may be able to recognize with some of these.

Jaguar Cars ‘ heritage is also subtly recognised with fuel filler caps inspired by the Series 1 XJ.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) says service is recognised with the Atlantic Star decoration.

Jennifer Lawrence has a fantastic figure and amazing acting talent, recognized with an Oscar nomination.

A number of these articles report on work that was later recognized with a Nobel Prize for one or more of the authors.

In 2% of cases recognize at is used

Over 40 parents will be recognised at the function.

The same principle was however not recognised at law.

He or she cuts through bureaucracy to ensure innovation wins through and is recognized at the top.

Significantly enough, the CIA recognised at the time that this bombing campaign was helping create the Khmer Rouge.

In short, the Russians got more than they could possibly have hoped, considering their aims from the start were far more limited than were recognised at the time.

Even though the Team didn’t come up with the big prize on the day, we are still thrilled that they were recognised at State level and certain that they will keep up.

In 1% of cases recognize among is used

Only their shade is still recognized among us today.

In spite of numerous occasions that consists of attracted surges associated with personal deprecation, he’s recognized among the much better all-around snowboarding gamers actually.

In 1% of cases recognize on is used

Somaliland should be recognized on the border line of 1884.

This just shows, to me, how different the committees can be, and the value in having different stories recognized on different lists.

I’d curious as to how many billionaires and industrialists everybody can name, much less recognize on the street (or cafe in a foreign country).

In 1% of cases recognize through is used

His contribution to agricultural research and development has been recognized through several prestigious awards and honours.

This impressive contribution to New Zealand Rugby has been recognized through the rare honour of a Life Membership to the NZRFU.

But with every CV download being recognised through a payment, the candidate feels rewarded for having got into the situation where his or her cards are on the table.

Her work in the human resources field has been recognized through recognition from the BC Human Resource Management Association as a 2006 Award of Excellence finalist.

Nominate a colleague, friend or even yourself to receive an award and be recognized through the National Environmental Education Foundation’s website, social media and newsletters.

In 1% of cases recognize under is used

These were not recognised under many local GAAPs.

If such liability was recognised under previous GAAP it would be reversed in the opening IFRS balance sheet.

Climate refugees should be recognized under international law as refugees and be given the same rights as refugees fleeing conflict from their country of origin.

In 1% of cases recognize within is used

It was one of the things my parents recognised within me as a child.

A culture-bound syndrome, according to the DSM-IV (1994 ), is a group of symptoms recognised within a specific culture, with accepted treatments within these cultures.

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